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NAVIGATING OUR FUTURE: Addressing risk and building resilience

5-7 August 2014

Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland

Online registration available. Go to the registration page.


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New Zealand’s future is looking increasingly uncertain. The impacts of climate are starting to challenge our primary productive base including farming and fishing. Sea level rise, coupled with more extreme weather events, is threatening our coastal towns and cities. Growing interest in deep sea exploration and mining is creating new potentially catastrophic risks for our marine realm. And the risk of losing much of our biodiversity heritage is growing, despite our best efforts to protect it.

Internationally, New Zealand’s environmental performance is coming under increasing scrutiny, and we face growing reputational risks as an exporter, food producer and member of the global community. Biosecurity risks are ever-present.

This conference will focus on how New Zealand can successfully navigate through this challenging environment to build a resilient, prosperous and sustainable future. What challenges will we face in coming decades? What policy settings do we need now to address them? Are reforms to the RMA and EEZ legislation heading us in the right direction? Are our environmental institutions up to scratch? Are we managing economic risks well enough?

Being election year, the conference will also closely scrutinise the environmental policies of political parties, with leaders invited to join a moderated discussion.

And the afternoon before the main conference starts, we’re running a Collaboration Workshop, collating the most recent experience from people doing it across the country.

Join us at New Zealand’s leading environmental conference to do some serious thinking about our collective future.

Tuesday 5 August, 1pm - 5pm: Collaboration Workshop

Wednesday 6 August & Thursday 7 August: Conference

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